Pass a Drug Test With Adderall

By | December 31, 2012

This article isn’t about using crackpot home remedies to flush adderall out of your system.  This article references real studies with documented results to help you make the best decision for yourself.  To pass a drug test with Adderall there are a few methods one can take.  The real question is …

How much time do you have before the drug test?

Detection usually occurs between one to three days after amphetamine (Adderall) is taken.  Amphetamine is significantly excreted in the urine.  The amount excreted is heavily dependent on your urinary pH.  There are various methods to pass a drug test with Adderall.   One popular method includes trying to quickly get all of the amphetamine out of your system before the test (lower your urinary pH) or to reduce the amount excreted in the urine by greatly increase your urinary pH (by ingesting sodium bicarbonate aka Alka-Seltzer or Baking Soda).

Pass a Drug Test With Adderall

The amount of Adderall you consumed will be a factor in terms of passing a test.  There was a study done in 1998 that tested seven healthy male volunteers by giving them an oral does of 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg.  Then their urine was collected at 2, 4, 8, 12, 18, and 24 hours post dose.

Source: Journal of Analytical Toxicology, Vol. 22, October 1998. Page 484

Increase Excretion of Adderall (Amphetamine) via acidification of your urine

Take ammonium chloride 500 mg orally every 4 hours.  This is the approved practice for treating amphetamine toxicity (when people overdose on Adderall or Meth).

Source: Manual of Emergency Medicine By G. Richard Braen. Page 675

Where’s the proof?

Urinary acidifying agents (ammonium chloride, sodium acid phosphate, etc.) increase concentration of the ionized species of the amphetamine molecule, thereby increasing urinary excretion.


Less than three days

You’re only hope is to either get it all out or decrease the amount excreted in the urine




More than three days

You are probably in the clear

Excretion Time Table


7 thoughts on “Pass a Drug Test With Adderall

  1. scott s

    Ok, so first of all, this trick ONLY works for Crystal Meth. If you’ve been smoking pot this trick

    will ONLY clean out the meth and NOT the pot! I had a friend who tried and who pissed clean for meth

    but dirty for pot. As for any other drug I have no idea so just assume that it only works for meth.
    You’ll need 2 and 1/2 hours before you have to test in order for this to work. I’ve personally

    continued to get high up to a few hours BEFORE starting the baking soda process so as far as I know

    you can continue to get high for pretty close to the time that you have to take the drug test. Of

    course what worked for me may not necessarily work for everyone… but whatever… it worked for

    me… EVERY time.
    This may make you nauseous. It works, but it’s NOT PLEASANT! And by the time you’re done, you will

    be – excuse me for being gross here – you’ll basically be peeing out of your asshole. And I don’t

    mean that you’ll literally be urinating out of your asshole, but you’ll have liquid coming out of

    both holes… yes it’s that gross. (But it WORKS!!!)
    After you complete the baking soda process, as far as I know, you’ll only have about 1.5 or 2 hour

    window in which to take your drug test and piss clean. After a couple hours, whatever it is that the

    baking soda does wears off and you’ll pee dirty again.

    The Process
    So all you’ll need is a box of baking soda, a spoon and water. You’ll fill up a glass – just a

    typical glass – bigger than coffee cup but smaller than a pint glass – with water. Then add TWO

    teaspoons (I used a regular spoon and not a measuring spoon) of baking soda. They don’t have to be

    heaping teaspoons, I always used perfectly leveled off teaspoons. Stir it and drink it down. It will

    taste really gross, but just suck it up. Then wait a half hour and repeat. Total, you will have to

    drink a total of 6 GLASSES of baking soda water. You will probably not feel so great… but it


    1. sara

      So I took Adderall for the first time. I took 10 MG not extended release. Then on day three I took one 25 MG extended release. It’s been 2 days since took that. I have a new patient appt. With a a new Dr and I think they will drug test. How long will it take to get out of my system.?

    2. adderall-expert Post author

      Taking more than two teaspoons of baking soda is dangerous. You should wait at least four hours before taking more.

  2. Randy Toeffler

    Why are you trying to pass a drug test to begin with?
    While I am dead set against state drug testing to get welfare benefits, food stamps, etc or for many jobs that don’t involve other people’s lives…
    I sure hope you aren’t dodging drug testing if you are a school bus driver, surgeon or surgical nurse, ICU nurse, or train engineer!
    I hope that you and others truly understand this. I think that we do WAY too much drug testing in this country…but if you are responsible for other people’s lives??? Don’t take drugs that will definitely impair your responses, thinking, or reflexes. I know that people who take drugs or drinking alcohol INSIST that drugs don’t impair them…but clinical research proves that people are impaired, sometimes greatly.
    If you’re stocking lumber at Home Depot or stocking shelves at WalMart I feel that taking drugs may be the only way to even get through some of these jobs.
    BTW–screwing with your blood’s pH (immense amounts of baking soda) can also lead to death. The body operates at a very narrow band of acidity/alkalinity. About 7.2 to 7.6 pH. Water is 7.0 pH. So we are slightly alkaline. The more hydrogen ions in your blood the LOWER or more acid your blood pH is. If you take so much baking soda that your blood becomes more basic or alkaline…you may well die…your heart may simply…stop.

    Are drugs worth it? It’s not a moral issue for me and other health care professionals…we just want you to stick around…and live longer.

    1. adderall-expert Post author

      Too much of anything will kill you. The amount of baking soda in Alka-Seltzer is perfectly safe.

      1. M styls

        I took 175mg of adderall over three days. I have 4 days and a half day before a drug test. Will i pass and what can i do to help clean ny system faster?


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